‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays) has finally returned. He appeared in a real game for the first time after surgery and threw his ball vigorously. It was 398 days, about 1 year and 1 month, that Ryu Hyun-jin went to practice.온라인바카라

On the 5th (Korean time), Ryu Hyun-jin started the match against the FCL Tigers in the US Minor League Rookie League held at the Toronto club’s spring camp training facility in Dunedin, Florida, USA, and recorded 4 hits, 5 strikeouts and 1 run in 3 innings. He checked his physical condition while dealing with a total of 13 batters.

Ryu Hyun-jin got off to a fresh start by guiding lead batter Samuel Gil to a floating ball from first baseman in the top of the first inning. Following this, he struck out Iverson Leonardo on a swing and caught two out counts in an instant. However, after two outs, Ryu Hyun-jin was hit by a double in the left field by Brisseno on the tide, and faced the crisis of conceding a run. In the end, fourth batter Clayton Campbell allowed a timely double to center field, and in the meantime, second base runner Jo Sue stepped home. It was the moment Ryu Hyun-jin recorded the first run of the day. Fortunately, the next batter, Rayleen Perez, struck out on a swing to end the inning.

Ryu Hyun-jin gave up a double in the second inning and had a difficult start. Leading batter Austin Schultz hit base with a double to left field. However, after that, Ryu Hyun-jin’s crisis management ability shone. He induced the follow-up Daneuris de la Cruz to ground on third base, then put out Tyler Johnson with a straight hit to left field. Then, he overcame the crisis by cooking Nomar Pana with a grounder out on second base.

While the team made up for one point at the end of the second inning, Ryu Hyun-jin went on the mound in the third inning. He seemed to come to life. Three strikeouts were removed. He froze the lead batter Gil with a looking strikeout, then struck out the follow-up Leonardo again. He then gave up a heavy hit to Brisseno, but finished his pitching that day by catching Campbell with a looking strikeout.

◆ Local media in Canada are also very interested in Ryu Hyun-jin’s first actual pitching after surgery.
Canadian local media also showed great interest in the news of Ryu Hyun-jin’s first real return. On the 5th, TSN, a Canadian media, said, “Hyun-jin Ryu pitched for the first time after playing in the last major league game in June of last year. He allowed 4 hits, 3 of which were doubles. I said I was planning to do it, but it took a little more than a year after I had surgery in June of last year.”

“At the time, Hyun-jin Ryu said, ‘My goal is to be part of the team in the second half of the season.’ In three seasons with Toronto, he started 49 games and posted a 4.07 ERA.”

Another media outlet, Toronto Sun, said, “Ryu Hyun-jin made a good impression in the first game after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Of course, there is no need to expand and interpret what he threw against young prospects. Veteran Opening Day starter Hyun-Jin Ryu is taking a strong step in the right direction, and if he continues to take his current steps, he has the potential to return to the majors in late July, which will be a boon for Toronto’s weak mound. “, he emphasized.

Ryu Hyun-jin is spurring his return to the major leagues. Ryu Hyun-jin focused on checking his injured part through his mound that day. It has been about a year and a month since Ryu Hyun-jin made a sortie in a major league home game against the Chicago White Sox on June 2 last year. The fact that Ryu Hyun-jin threw the ball in the real game means that his return to the major leagues is imminent.

Ryu Hyun-jin entered the major leagues in 2012, the stage of his dreams, and signed a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2020 for 4 years and 80 million dollars (approximately 105.2 billion won). The 2020 season, the first year of his transfer, was shortened due to Corona 19. Ryu Hyun-jin posted a good record with an average ERA of 2.69 in 5 wins and 2 losses (12 games). Following this, he appeared in 31 games in the 2021 season, 14-10, with an average ERA of 4.37, and in the 2022 season, appeared in 6 games, 2 wins, no losses, and an average ERA of 5.67, respectively.

Ryu Hyun-jin got out of the lineup early after undergoing elbow ligament joint surgery in June of last year. After that, he committed to rehabilitation for a year. His rehabilitation process is also going smoothly. At the end of May, he pitched for the first time in the bullpen and signaled his return in good health. In particular, Ryu Hyun-jin’s appearance was revealed through the Toronto club’s official SNS (social network service), and his weight loss attracted fans’ attention. According to Toronto coach John Schneiter, Ryu Hyun-jin is said to have lost nearly 30 pounds (about 13.6 kg) in his weight.

Since then, Ryu Hyun-jin has normally digested twice, including live pitching in June with a batter standing up. He also filled 3 innings by playing a simulation game. Now that he has made his first actual appearance in the minor leagues, he is expected to participate in stages at higher levels, such as Double-A and Triple-A matches. And if no special abnormalities are found in his physical condition, he is expected to step into the big leagues after mid-July when the All-Star break (July 11-14) ends. The return of ‘Korean Monster’ is getting closer and closer.

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